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  • (1) Shree Porbandar Lohana Mahila Mandal - 9th Feb. 1992
  • (2) Shree Porbandar Lohana Mahila Samaj - Marraige Bureau - 29th April 1992
  • (3) Shree Lohana Compromise Centre - 18th July 1993 & innumerable NGOs Founded by Durgaben Rajabhai Ladiwalla - Porbandar. She has been the Governing Body Member & having Designations in Lohana Mahaparishad-International as well as Shree Akhil Gujarat Lohana Samaj since 1993. Formarly Also She had been Connected with NGOs at Jamnagar from 1986.


  • All the NGO Activities for the welfare of Lohana - Thakkar - Raghuvanshi Community like Senior Citizens' Monthly visit Project has been continued Since 18th-19th February 2012 to the Date by Shree Raghuvanshi Vatsalya Seva Samiti - Porbandar Unit due to the Kind & Permanent Support of Shree Porbandar Lohana Mahajan & All the Commitee Members of All the NGOs. 


  • From 11th April 1999 to 2009 Shree Porbandar Lohana Mahila Samaj-Marraige Bureau has arranged 'Matrimonial Parichaya Mela' For Ten Years - Eight at Porbandar & Last Two at Dwarika & Bhatia.


  • During 2009 to 2011 We had arranged 'Four Live Matrimonial Parichaya Mela' at Porbandar.


  • 2011 Onwards There Had been 15 'Live Matrimonial Mulakat' on the Last Saturday of the Every Month.


  • From 18th September 2009 to the Date We are Having Software Donated by Shree Padubhai K. Raichura Family in the Memory of Late Smt. Jaswantiben Dwarkadasbhai Raichura as a Result We are Rendering Computerized Matrimonial Services till the date.


  • Since 19th June 2015 Honourary Services are Rendered through Whatsapp Matrimonial Highly Qualified Groups for Lohana Community by Durgaben R. Ladiwalla Personally and having Successful Results of at least Two Couples Every Alternate Day & Our Various Group Members are the Eye Witness of The Same.






LGM is Rendering Honerary services for the Highly Qualified Candidates at website www.lohanaglobalmatrimony.com






  • Our Shree Porbandar Lohana Mahila Samaj - Marriage Bureaue Committee Members who have been Rendering their Honerary Services Since 1992 are

(1) Durgaben R. Ladiwalla

(2) Veenaben U. Thobhani

(3) Jyotsnaben S. Kotecha

(4) Prafulaben N. Kotecha

(5) Shardaben P. Rajani

(6) Jyotsnaben V. Ghelani

(7) Jayaben A. Monani etc.


  • It is the Most Important point to be Noted that We have always been Supported by Our Porbandar Lohana Mahajan President Late Shree Vrajlalbhai M. Karia & His Team and at Present Our President & Secretary Shree Sanjaybhai V. Karia , Shree Rajeshbhai M. Lakhani & the Team Members of Porbandar Lohana Mahajan.






  • (1) Shree Porbandar Lohana Mahila Samaj-Marraige Bureau
  • (2) Mr. Bhavinbhai Hemubhai Ghelani-Rajkot
  • (3) Mr. Rahulbhai Prakashbhai Majithia-Porbandar
  • (4) Mr. Pravinbhai Ramjibhai Raiyarela-Porbandar